Our Pricing

Flat rate, upfront and guaranteed.
We operate our business the way business should be. You are not a means to a paycheck to us, you become part of our lives as we become part of yours. We don’t just work for a company, we are the company. We don’t retain our customers with an expensive club membership or “seems like a deal” service plan. You always get our best price and that’s it. All of our customers are platinum members at no yearly or monthly fee.
  • We are nice people and enjoy working for nice people.
  • Our verbal estimates are free. We no longer offer free written estimates.
  • Our pricing is done upfront, flat rate. We expect payment at time of work completion, in most cases.
  • We stand behind all of our work and guarantee it.
  • We do not quote over the phone as each job is unique and presents differently.
  • We do not have a service charge.
  • We do not have a show up fee.
  • We do not charge a dispatch fee.
  • We are very, very thorough in our estimate looks and we always honor our contracted work prices. If code violations or safety related issues need to be dealt with upon exposure of an unforeseen area, this will be discussed and priced at that time. We cannot ignore violations and cover them. If this situation does not exist, then we don't ask for more money unless you ask for more work.
  • We will install products you purchase or almost anything you want, however, our supply house products cost the same amount and are better in most cases and the total job will be the same price regardless of the material purchaser. You don't pay more, we don't make more money, and you get a better product. We will discuss this upon meeting you.
  • If you supply the water heater and it fails under warranty, you will pay for installation again.
  • There is a 2% surcharge on credit cards.
  • We do not compromise our price or bargain with people. We give you our price upfront and will not work for less. People who change their price have no integrity and were overcharging in the first place.
  • We are experts, with a lot of schooling and apprenticeship time. We charge a fair rate for master level work.
  • Do not wait until the item has totally failed or your drain is completely stopped up before you call. Be proactive with your home, it’s most people's greatest investment.